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Virgin Media Be The Fastest

Virgin media Be the fastest



Virgin Media celebrates Jamaican sprint star Usain Bolt one month ahead of his arrival at the Rio 2016 Olympics, by commissioning a 100 metre long video screen to float on the River Thames into London's Victoria Embankment.

d3’s streamlined Timeline enabled Sensel to quickly and easily sequence the show, featuring a finale triggered at precisely 9:58pm by GPS Timecode on July 6. d3’s intelligent Output Feeds divided the 6K canvas into two HD outputs sent to two Brompton LED processors. Treatment Studio created the three minute film played back from one d3 4x4pro server provided by VER UK. The screen was the longest in length of its type, constructed from 108 pontoon docks and 600 square metres of LED panels.

Excellent teamwork between VER UK, Treatment Studio and Sensel Studio resulted in a fantastic show, which was only possible with d3’s brilliant software and hardware solutions.

Photos and video by Virgin Media.

Client   Virgin Media
Agency   Curb Media
Director   Mark Bustard
Producer   Mark Bustard
Integrator   VER UK
Graphics   Treatment Studio
Operator   Sensel Studio
Programmer   Sensel Studio
First Engineer   VER UK
Second Engineer   Spindrift Projects
Server   d3 Technologies