As part of the pre-production phase, Sensel Studio delights in crafting beautiful visuals for shows and productions. Sensel executes a specialised workflow with the capacity to convert preliminary CAD drawings to developed
CGI renders. From converting point clouds to optimising 3D models, engineering UV maps to rendering content templates, Sensel offers every step of the previsualization process.


content production

Sensel Studio collaborates with content teams to design, plan and implement content pipelines suitable
for media server applications. Sensel integrates into small and large teams spanning film making,
architectural installs and concert touring. From designing content templates to calculating spatial resolutions, establishing naming conventions to specifying video codecs, Sensel maintains the highest standards across
the content production process.

onsite operation

Sensel Studio has extensive experience with media servers and integrating hardware solutions onsite. Sensel specialises in d3 - an integrated video production suite, and Notch - a generative effects real-time engine.
From programming and operating shows, to aligning projectors and calibrating monitors, Sensel confidently delivers productions to audiences globally.